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Energy Analytics represents systematic, evidence and data led process in identifying and assessing opportunities to advance energy savings in unit operations in industry. It's beginning to make inroads in Indian industry as a management tool to establish realistic energy savings targets and as a means to measure and verify progress.

E-Cube Energy through its products and solutions helps industries/utilities get started with their Energy Data Strategy and transition to Faster, Better and Cheaper way of assessing, reporting and managing Energy Performance.

Energy in most cases especially in Industries cannot be looked at in isolation; it has to be analysed in respect to the production and process parameters.


E-Cube Energy has developed cloud based centralised Energy Information Management and Analytics System EnView, which takes in basic production and energy data, provides detailed actionable insights on Energy Performance Indicators.


Powered with sector/industry specific algorithms EnView helps industries assess, report and manage energy performance in a way that is FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER!



To know more about EnView visit www.en-view.com

With the aim of helping industries/utilities make use of their Data and transition to EIMAS from EMS, E-Cube Energy has started its first Energy Data Analytics “EDA” centre in Kolkata.




Take EDA Preparedness Survey powered by EnView! Through this simple survey we intend to help you understand your company's alignment with Global Changes in Energy Efficiency markets and overall positioning to adopt Energy Data Strategy!

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E-Cube Energy aims to set up regional/sectoral Energy Efficiency Hubs for sectors/clients having signed up for EnView and the EDA Centre.

E-Cube Energy aims to invest in equipment and resources for such regional EE Hubs which can be availed by units under various flexible payment mechanisms.




EE Hub becomes significantly relevant for the SME and MSME clusters as it aims rationalises cost of deployment of the entire solution, thereby making Energy Analytics accessible to even smallest of energy consumers!

Energy Auditing has often been made to look complex, while not all of it actually is. Our idea is to “empower” energy managers by providing them access to “Do It Yourself” performance assessment tools.


Powered with intelligent algorithms, performance assessment tools analyse the historical data of equipments and provides automated feedback on potential energy efficiency interventions.


Examples of some of the “DIY” tools developed by E-Cube Energy are:-


1. H Plant Performance Assessment Tool:


H Plant Tool works on weather and section wise heat load data to forecast the amount of air and water consumption required to maintain set in room conditions. Using the forecasting tool, Textile units are able to optimise the energy consumption across Humidification Plants, and take advantage of energy savings to the tune of 5%-10%.
H Plant tool is currently only available to units signed up for EnView.


2. Motor Performance Assessment Tool:


Globally 300 million Electric Motors are being used in Industries resulting in consumption of 60% electricity across Electric Motor Driven Systems (EMDS). Moreover, 30 plus million Motors get added every year. As per International Energy Association (IEA) report there exists a cost effective potential to increase efficiency of motor driven systems by 20%. Conventionally, finding operational efficiency or performance parameters of electric motors has been difficult and could only be done on test benches. Overcoming this barrier would provide an excellent opportunity to explore the energy efficiency improvement potential.

In order to combat the above problem, Indus Net Technologies in partnership with E-Cube Energy have developed Motor Tool.


To sign up for the Motor tool visit www.motor-tool.com


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